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About me


Rehab | STOTT Rehab Reformer

PTTI | Comprehensive 


PPTI Faculty | Teacher Training for Matwork 1 & 2, Advanced Mat and Small Equipment

NMT | Neuromuscular and dry needling therapies

Sports | Pre, peri and post event Sports Massage, cryotherapy and strapping & taping


Hello and thanks for being on my website. I´m from Ireland and first fell in love with Pilates 15 years ago following a work place accident and lots of nasty and lingering injuries. Through my rehabilitation pursuits Pilates was the real gift (and keeps on giving). Not only does it keep me pain free, I also feel strong and it clears my mind.


I´m passionate about sharing all that Pilates has to offer and how transformative it is. I love the precision of this corrective movement system but also the flow and headspace that can be derived from classes.

I believe consistency is key and so my aim here is to provide as many fun, fresh and exciting challenges as possible, ranging from a few days to a few weeks, something to suit all the demands of a busy schedule.

Tony Robbins famously says "If you don´t have 10 minutes, you don´t have a life". I believe that to be true for Pilates at 20, 30, 40 etc.. minutes. If we don´t make time for our health, we´ll be forced to spend a lot more time correcting that oversight.

Thanks for being here, for supporting a career dream and passion. Enjoy your classes

Hannah 💜

Pricing and Plans

Consistency is key

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